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Freezable Glass Cone Piece with Glycerin

Freezable Glass Cone Piece with Glycerin

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Stay cool with this Freezable Glass Cone Piece with Glycerin! Keep your glassware extra chilled without any extra hassle. Just pop it in the freezer, slip it on, and get punchin' – no sweat! Its 14mm fit works with most standard glassware, plus you can choose from a variety of stylish colours. All the chill without the drill!

This freezable cone piece is filled with glycerin, which you can place in the freezer to enjoy a smoother sesh. The CP freezes completely, and cools down the smoke as you inhale, allowing for an overall smoother and more enjoyable smoking sesh. Easier on your throat and lungs.

Available in 4 beautifully shiny colours: Blue, Green, Yellow and Red.

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