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King Palm

King Palm Mini Organic Flavoured Pre-roll Single

King Palm Mini Organic Flavoured Pre-roll Single

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Experience the King Palm Mini Difference

King Palm flavoured Mini pre-rolls hold up to 1g of flower and are ideal for solo sessions. Each pouch includes two rolls with flavour-infused filter tips plus a packing stick for precise preparation. Just squeeze the biodegradable, corn husk filter until you feel a pop to activate the flavour. King Palm rolls and filters contain no additives, chemicals and tobacco; they use only all-natural essential oils to create these incredible flavor concoctions, and they are biodegradable.

King Palm Minis are flavoured pre-rolls, perfect for smokers who want a slow-burning and all-natural smoking experience. Made from organic cordia leaf, these pre-rolls are a healthier choice than traditional smoking papers that are often treated with chemicals and artificial ingredients.


The corn husk filter is an added bonus that cools down the smoke for a smoother, more enjoyable smoke. It also prevents small pieces of plant matter from entering your mouth. But what really sets King Palm Minis apart is the terpene-infused flavour ball inside the filter. These balls burst with flavour, adding a beautiful taste to your smoking experience. The flavours are all-natural and won't overpower the taste of the organic cordia leaf.


King Palm Minis are also easy to use. Each pack comes with a packing stick to help you fill the pre-rolls, even if you're new to rolling. And as a bonus, they're biodegradable and sustainable. No more feeling guilty about the environmental impact of your smoking habits. King Palm Minis are a great eco-friendly choice for consumers who want to stay responsible while enjoying their smoking sessions.


Experience the difference with King Palm Minis. Enjoy the slow burn, the delicious flavours, and the eco-friendly rolls. Purchase a pack now and see for yourself why they're becoming one of the most popular brands of smoking papers and accessories on the market.

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